Episode 042

Let Go of the Blueprint and Trust Your Wisdom

Interview with Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie Edwards is a personal stylist and executive presence coach, and the founder and owner of the UK’s leading style and wardrobe consultancy for senior female professionals, executives and business owners. She is also the author of a best-selling book, ‘Look Like the Leader You Are; A 7 Step Style Strategy for Ambitious Women.

Today I speak with Lizzie Edwards, a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant based in the UK. As an entrepreneur of over 14 years, Lizzie is familiar with the notion of constantly chasing success. With career goalposts constantly shifting, she experienced the dissatisfaction of never reaching an ultimate “destination” in her business. Lizzie shares why she no longer correlates contentment with achievements and reminds us that there is no “one formula” that works for every business. Instead, we can rely on our own intuition and innate wisdom to propel us forward.

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