Episode 032

How to Access Innovative Breakthroughs in Your Business

Interview with Martin Jotov

Martin is a Managing director at IQ Structures, a technology company focused on the development and production of smart micro and nanostructures that give materials and products unique properties and functions. The main two areas of application are anti counterfeiting and lighting industry. He is also a certified transformative coach and co-founder of a non-profit organization The Human Potential Academy which aims at helping people find mental health and develop innate human potential.

In today’s episode, I speak with Martin Jotov, the managing director at IQ Structures. As Martin says, scientists have long known about the greater intelligence of nature. Even so, he still believed he had to rely on his intellect in order to be the best in his work and his relationships. After coming across Michael Neill’s book, The Inside Out Revolution, Martin had an insight; he could apply what he already knew about the intelligence of nature to himself. This was a major breakthrough that led to more innovation and productivity within his company, compassion and understanding toward his employees, and a richer personal life. Through his experience, Martin highlights the indispensable value of a free mind, and the creativity that naturally emerges.

Understanding Human Mind Conference

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