Episode 30

How to Influence at Any Level of Leadership

Interview with Rasmus Falck

Rasmus Falck has over 10 years of leadership experience within the fields of marketing strategy, branding, digital strategy, customer experience, market and customer analysis, category management and sales. Rasmus currently serves as the Nordic Marketing Manager for the power tools division at Bosch.

In today’s conversation, I speak with Rasmus Falck. Rasmus is passionate about leadership and through this understanding has seen that any leader, at any level in an organization, can influence and have a meaningful impact on their team and the overall company. In the midst of a major job change, he was able to find a way to stay present and not take the bumps along the way too personally. Rasmus, who self-identifies as ambitious and goal-oriented, spent the majority of his professional life constantly pushing and “piling on the pressure” in hopes of achieving more. Living under the belief that he had to improve upon himself in order to perform better was a constant strain, and eventually became a belief that no longer resonated. Now he pulls from his own human experience to create influence within his team. Knowing we always have the ability to “bounce back” has allowed him the comfort, confidence, and compassion to transform his leadership.

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