Episode 029

A New Norm for Your Leadership & Your Business

Interview with Lisa Feldman & Nati Braunstein

Lisa Feldman and Nati Braunstein are Co-Presidents and Creative Directors of Aspect, the award-winning Creative Advertising agency that provides strategic marketing solutions across all entertainment platforms for clients that span the film, television, video game, and radio platforms. Which is a really fancy way of saying “they make kickass creative stuff”. Being the only Creative Advertising company to endure the Hollywood landscape for over 40 years, Aspect has finished over 1000 trailers for some of Hollywood’s most iconic films, including Forrest Gump, The Rock, Titanic, The Naked Gun, and Big.

In today’s conversation, I am joined by Lisa Feldman and Nati Braunstein of Aspect, a Creative Advertising Agency based out of North Hollywood. Lisa and Nati offer a unique shared experience as co-leaders in business. Both working from an understanding of state of mind, they have learned to navigate a creative, high-stress, deadline-driven industry with more ease and grace. Lisa and Nati share what they’ve seen in terms of personal change and growth, and how this understanding has strengthened their working relationship and their leadership. Ultimately, they are living in a new norm which includes tapping into more internal resourcefulness and creative problem-solving.

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