Episode 017

A Reliable & Powerful Orientation For Your Business

Interview with Kaye Taylor

Kaye Taylor is the Co-Founder and Chief of SK Chase, a company that provides digital gift voucher solutions to over 300 luxurious hotels, worldwide. Kaye and her business partner, Stephanie Wilson, recognized the need for this service when they built this business 15 years ago, and are now considered “pioneers” in the industry.

In today’s episode, Kaye discusses her intuitive approach to entrepreneurship, and the natural momentum she built once she allowed her creative instincts to propel her forward. Through letting go of the expectations that confine us, we make space for the natural flow of our inner wisdom, an infinite resource we can always “bank on”.
Kaye also shares what she has learned about the nature of thought, and how that affects our decision-making at any given moment. She reminds us that “nothing is fixed”. We go on to discuss the importance of trusting in timing, the irrelevance of market competition, and the simple yet profound realization that business is merely another form of engagement, emphasizing the fun we can have once we see it in this light.

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