Episode 016

Can Business Show You More of Who You Really Are

Interview with Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson is the CEO of SK Chase. A present and insightful leader, Steph has a deep care for people and a generous heart. With nearly 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Steph naturally sees what’s next, and is rigorous in her approach making sure that things get done properly.

In today’s episode Steph walks us through one of the scariest moments in her business, when she and her partner thought they would have to fold the business and let go of everything…until she had one fresh thought that opened up the possibilities for a better option. That moment changed everything. For Steph, business has been an act of self-realization and self-actualization that helped her understand that everything happens from the inside. She talks about how we don’t need to cling on for dear life because there is a metaphorical harness for all of us. There is always a safety net to catch us. This understanding literally saved her business and gave her a glimpse into who she really was. What she wants everyone to know is that all you need to do is let things come to you. It’s not on you to think about what’s next. If you just listen, what’s next will become clear to you in the moment. The only thing that is guaranteed she says is the resource that is inside of you!

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