Episode 008: Why Being Authentic is Good for Business with Kirk Souder - Barbara Patterson


Episode 008

Why Being Authentic is Good for Business

Interview with Kirk Souder

Kirk Souder is Co-Founder of Enso, a renowned impact agency that works with organizations like Google, YouTube, Khan Academy, Mattel, TOMS, Medium, and The Nature Conservancy, helping them harness their considerable platforms to create positive impact at scale.

In today’s episode, Kirk shares personal and client stories of how an understanding of the mind is available to ALL of us and brings real world results. We discuss the entrepreneurial spirit and what happens to the mind when we are open. We explore the amazing potential available when people go beyond personal thought. Kirk is passionate about connecting people to their authentic nature and purpose. Leading from there versus leading from ideas or preferences takes people to new levels of success. Listen in and get inspired to take that leap for yourself.

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